Róna Agricultural Co-operative and Róna Ker-Tész Corp.

The Róna Agricultural Co-op is located in Bács-Kiskun county, in Szabadszállás – 40 kilometres from the county seat, Kecskemét. On the border of the town flows the Kiskunság Main which established the possibility of irrigation, and therefore the acclimatisation of intensive arable horticultural cultures.

In the international market of industrial vegetables consumer needs are shifting from tinned products towards deep-frozen and ready-to-cook, convenience foods. In the market of fresh vegetables the ratio of packed products is on the increase, and consumer needs turn towards “local” products.

The changed economic circumstances, market requirements and the possibility to join the European Union forced members of the co-operative and individual farmers to take steps, and so they decided to establish a farming organization that is in conformity with EU regulations in 2002. Róna Ker-Tész Corp. is a company that was founded with the participation of 88 natural persons and one legal entity, the Róna Agricultural Co-operative, with the aim to reduce costs arising during and in connection with production, to stabilise producers’ prices and to promote the application of such various environment- and nature-friendly production methods and waste management processes that protect the quality of natural environment and improve the biological condition of the environment.

The fresh vegetables produced for the market place are distributed to domestic commercial store chains by the Róna Ker-Tész Corp.


The several years of experience, the equipment and the professional attitude of the Róna Agricultural Co-operative guarantee that contracts and orders are fulfilled – both in quality and quantity. The secret of the success of the brand is the following:

  • Guaranteed quality (HACCP, ISO)
  • Guaranteed quantity
  • The trackability of products/ GLOBALGAP
  • Excellent taste
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Eco-friendly production
  • The support of continuous development


1996 International Agricultural Food Industry Exhibition and Fair/ Horticulture – 1st Prize

2002 Inter. Gold Award for Excellence & Business Prestige / Quality Summer

2002 Foodapest / Novelty Award

2002 Paris / International Award for Food and Beverages/ 23rd

2003 Kalocsa Paprika – Large-scale Producer Prize

2004 Pioneer Hi-Breed Most Productive Producer – 2nd Prize

2005 OMÉK Excellent Hungarian Food Product Trademarked Product/Desiccated mixed vegetables, Food-seasoning mix

2014-2015 Business Superbrands Hungary - prized

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